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SMBIOS_TABLE_TYPE33 Struct Reference

#include <MdePkg/Include/IndustryStandard/SmBios.h>

Data Fields

UINT8 ErrorType
 The enumeration value from MEMORY_ERROR_TYPE. More...
UINT8 ErrorGranularity
 The enumeration value from MEMORY_ERROR_GRANULARITY. More...
UINT8 ErrorOperation
 The enumeration value from MEMORY_ERROR_OPERATION. More...
UINT32 VendorSyndrome
UINT64 MemoryArrayErrorAddress
UINT64 DeviceErrorAddress
UINT32 ErrorResolution

Detailed Description

64-bit Memory Error Information (Type 33).

This structure describes an error within a Physical Memory Array, when the error address is above 4G (0xFFFFFFFF).

Definition at line 2356 of file SmBios.h.

Field Documentation

◆ DeviceErrorAddress

UINT64 SMBIOS_TABLE_TYPE33::DeviceErrorAddress

Definition at line 2363 of file SmBios.h.

◆ ErrorGranularity

UINT8 SMBIOS_TABLE_TYPE33::ErrorGranularity

The enumeration value from MEMORY_ERROR_GRANULARITY.

Definition at line 2359 of file SmBios.h.

◆ ErrorOperation


The enumeration value from MEMORY_ERROR_OPERATION.

Definition at line 2360 of file SmBios.h.

◆ ErrorResolution

UINT32 SMBIOS_TABLE_TYPE33::ErrorResolution

Definition at line 2364 of file SmBios.h.

◆ ErrorType


The enumeration value from MEMORY_ERROR_TYPE.

Definition at line 2358 of file SmBios.h.

◆ Hdr


Definition at line 2357 of file SmBios.h.

◆ MemoryArrayErrorAddress

UINT64 SMBIOS_TABLE_TYPE33::MemoryArrayErrorAddress

Definition at line 2362 of file SmBios.h.

◆ VendorSyndrome

UINT32 SMBIOS_TABLE_TYPE33::VendorSyndrome

Definition at line 2361 of file SmBios.h.

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