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SMBIOS_TABLE_TYPE36 Struct Reference

#include <MdePkg/Include/IndustryStandard/SmBios.h>

Data Fields

UINT16 LowerThresholdNonCritical
UINT16 UpperThresholdNonCritical
UINT16 LowerThresholdCritical
UINT16 UpperThresholdCritical
UINT16 LowerThresholdNonRecoverable
UINT16 UpperThresholdNonRecoverable

Detailed Description

Management Device Threshold Data (Type 36).

The information in this structure defines threshold information for a component (probe or cooling-unit) contained within a Management Device.

Definition at line 2494 of file SmBios.h.

Field Documentation

◆ Hdr


Definition at line 2495 of file SmBios.h.

◆ LowerThresholdCritical

UINT16 SMBIOS_TABLE_TYPE36::LowerThresholdCritical

Definition at line 2498 of file SmBios.h.

◆ LowerThresholdNonCritical

UINT16 SMBIOS_TABLE_TYPE36::LowerThresholdNonCritical

Definition at line 2496 of file SmBios.h.

◆ LowerThresholdNonRecoverable

UINT16 SMBIOS_TABLE_TYPE36::LowerThresholdNonRecoverable

Definition at line 2500 of file SmBios.h.

◆ UpperThresholdCritical

UINT16 SMBIOS_TABLE_TYPE36::UpperThresholdCritical

Definition at line 2499 of file SmBios.h.

◆ UpperThresholdNonCritical

UINT16 SMBIOS_TABLE_TYPE36::UpperThresholdNonCritical

Definition at line 2497 of file SmBios.h.

◆ UpperThresholdNonRecoverable

UINT16 SMBIOS_TABLE_TYPE36::UpperThresholdNonRecoverable

Definition at line 2501 of file SmBios.h.

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