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SMBIOS_TABLE_TYPE44 Struct Reference

#include <MdePkg/Include/IndustryStandard/SmBios.h>

Data Fields


Detailed Description

Processor Additional Information(Type 44).

The information in this structure defines the processor additional information in case SMBIOS type 4 is not sufficient to describe processor characteristics. The SMBIOS type 44 structure has a reference handle field to link back to the related SMBIOS type 4 structure. There may be multiple SMBIOS type 44 structures linked to the same SMBIOS type 4 structure. For example, when cores are not identical in a processor, SMBIOS type 44 structures describe different core-specific information.

SMBIOS type 44 defines the standard header for the processor-specific block, while the contents of processor-specific data are maintained by processor architecture workgroups or vendors in separate documents.

Definition at line 2700 of file SmBios.h.

Field Documentation

◆ Hdr


Definition at line 2701 of file SmBios.h.

◆ ProcessorSpecificBlock


Below followed by Processor-specific block

Definition at line 2706 of file SmBios.h.

◆ RefHandle


This field refer to associated SMBIOS type 4

Definition at line 2702 of file SmBios.h.

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