July 4, 2021


Microsoft Windows binaries for fio

This site contains Windows binaries for fio, supporting Vista, Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, Server 2008, 2008 R2, 2012, 2012 R2, 2016 and 2019.

The main fio site, which contains the latest code, is at https://git.kernel.dk/cgit/fio/.


fio-3.27 released

x64 installer: fio-3.27-x64.msi
x64 zip file: fio-3.27-x64.zip
x86 installer: fio-3.27-x86.msi
x86 zip file: fio-3.27-x86.zip

fio-3.26 released

x64 installer: fio-3.26-x64.msi
x64 zip file: fio-3.26-x64.zip
x86 installer: fio-3.26-x86.msi
x86 zip file: fio-3.26-x86.zip


fio-3.25 released

x64 installer: fio-3.25-x64.msi
x86 installer: fio-3.25-x86.msi

fio-3.24 released

x64 installer: fio-3.24-x64.msi
x86 installer: fio-3.24-x86.msi


fio-3.23 released

x64 installer: fio-3.23-x64.msi
x86 installer: fio-3.23-x86.msi


fio-3.22 released

x64 installer: fio-3.22-x64.msi
x86 installer: fio-3.22-x86.msi

fio-3.21 released

x64 installer: fio-3.21-x64.msi
x86 installer: fio-3.21-x86.msi


fio-3.20 released

x64 installer: fio-3.20-x64.msi
x86 installer: fio-3.20-x86.msi


Documentation for FIO can be found at https://fio.readthedocs.io .

Older versions

Older versions can be obtained on request. I don't have them available here because they aren't signed.

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