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s_pxe_db_receive Struct Reference

Data Fields

PXE_UINT32 FrameLen
PXE_UINT16 MediaHeaderLen
PXE_UINT8 reserved [7]

Detailed Description

Definition at line 1743 of file UefiPxe.h.

Field Documentation

◆ DestAddr

PXE_MAC_ADDR s_pxe_db_receive::DestAddr

Definition at line 1748 of file UefiPxe.h.

◆ FrameLen

PXE_UINT32 s_pxe_db_receive::FrameLen

Length of received frame. May be larger than receive buffer size. The receive buffer will not be overwritten. This is how to tell if data was lost because the receive buffer was too small.

Definition at line 1755 of file UefiPxe.h.

◆ MediaHeaderLen

PXE_UINT16 s_pxe_db_receive::MediaHeaderLen

Length of media header in received frame.

Definition at line 1765 of file UefiPxe.h.

◆ Protocol

PXE_MEDIA_PROTOCOL s_pxe_db_receive::Protocol

Protocol type from media header.

Definition at line 1760 of file UefiPxe.h.

◆ reserved

PXE_UINT8 s_pxe_db_receive::reserved[7]

Reserved, must be zero.

Definition at line 1775 of file UefiPxe.h.

◆ SrcAddr

PXE_MAC_ADDR s_pxe_db_receive::SrcAddr

Source and destination MAC addresses from media header.

Definition at line 1747 of file UefiPxe.h.

◆ Type

PXE_FRAME_TYPE s_pxe_db_receive::Type

Type of receive frame.

Definition at line 1770 of file UefiPxe.h.

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